Relationships in the Digital Age

It may be some time before the Covid vaccine lets us return to a physically social life, but in the meantime, I encourage the families, caregivers, and seniors that I work with to maintain their friendships and social ties as much as possible. Here’s how some of my clients are accomplishing this in the meantime.

The Next Crisis: Why Families Should Hire a Care Manager Now

This year, seniors and their families are facing the same issues they have been in their aging journey but with the added challenges of the pandemic. Questions about how to best navigate the healthcare system, access resources such as benefits and entitlements, ensure a safe living environment, and get quality care are best answered with a care manager by your side. Contact Senior Transitions at 850-894-6720 to learn more.

Know When It’s Time to Move Your Loved One into Memory Care

Ellen was struggling with the decision to move her mother, Jill, from her apartment in an assisted living facility to a memory care unit. As a case manager who’s helped hundreds of families through the years, I understood Ellen’s mixed emotions and the guilt she was feeling about moving her mother. We worked together to find a solution that ensured both her mother’s safety and quality of life.