Families are often caught off guard when a health crisis happens to their aging loved one. For example, Sandy’s dad, Jake, was 87 and living on his own, relatively healthy, when Sandy got a call from the hospital that her dad had tripped in his driveway and broken his hip. As his only daughter, Sandy visited her father at least once a week to prepare meals, help him clean the house, and do laundry.

By the time Sandy arrived at the hospital, her father had already been admitted and the attending physician told her he would need surgery. While there were other treatment options, surgery would decrease the risk of complications and offer the best chance of recovery. But it also had risks for a man Jake’s age, including post-surgical infection or blood clots.

In fact, a significant percentage of seniors who suffer from a hip fracture never regain the same level of mobility and independence they had before the injury. Recovery could be lengthy and difficult, and Sandy wondered what she would do if her father couldn’t return home. What should she do to prepare? What resources were available? What was the cost of long-term care? Would she have to sell his house?

Sandy contacted Senior Transitions for guidance. Jake was still in the hospital recovering from the surgery when our care manager met with him and Sandy. Besides helping them decide on a rehab unit when Jake was ready for discharge, the care manager spoke with the medical team to address his pain issues, and she made sure his prescription medications were correct. She also helped the two understand Medicare rules and regulations, the services that were covered, and options for long-term care. Her calm guidance, knowledge and experience was reassuring, and Sandy was relieved that her father was in good hands. No one knew what the future would bring, but she no longer felt they were on their own.

Are you a caregiver in a similar position? Consider hiring a care manager who will be your advocate, and work on your loved one’s behalf to ensure they receive the right level and quality of care they deserve. If you or someone in your family are facing aging challenges, please give us a call at 850-894-6720 or email us at info@gcmsolutions.net. We’ll be happy to assist!