The Help You Need When Facing Care Challenges with Your Aging Loved One

Families are often caught off guard when a health crisis happens to their aging loved one. When Sandy didn’t know what to do for her father who had just suffered a broken hip and was facing surgery, she turned to Senior Transitions for guidance and advice. Learn how Senior Transitions can help you and your family when facing aging care challenges.

COVID-19 and Ongoing Caregiving Challenges

While Florida’s governor has started to ease restrictions, positive COVID-19 cases among residents or staff usually results in another lock-down. Families are frustrated and residents, especially those with dementia, are upset and don’t understand why their loved ones have ‘abandoned’ them. Here’s how a geriatric care manager can help.

Hurricane Preparedness: How Care Managers Help

Preparation is key for natural disasters, but sometimes family members have a tough time agreeing on a strategy. Care managers can help families plan and prepare, and provide expert guidance to find a unique solution that’s right for your senior.

Is Your Family in Denial about the Care a Loved One Needs?

When it became clear that in-home care wasn’t meeting Louise’s needs, her sons were still hesitant to take the next step and place her in a memory care unit. Learn how Senior Transitions helped them find a solution everyone was comfortable with, before it was too late.

Letting Go of the Car Keys: Know When it’s Time

MaryFlo became concerned about her mother’s driving and safety, but wasn’t sure how to start the conversation. Discussing issues that put your aging parent’s independence at risk can be difficult, but a geriatric care manager can help.