“Winters always seem to drag by,” Kelsie tells her neighbor and friend, Susan. “The holidays make it even worse, because after all of the preparation, celebration, and reconnection…”

“Everyone goes back into hiding from the cold, and it’s more boring and lonelier than ever?” Susan interrupts with a smile. Kelsie laughs aloud at her friend’s ability to finish her thoughts in a way that’s blunt, but often more honest than she planned to put it. It’s true that this winter felt more isolating than past ones, and Kelsie was struggling to find something to invigorate herself. She felt tired in her body and was, well, tired of that feeling.

“You know, I saw a flyer on my way past the community center last week for a senior’s dance class,” Susan adds after a long pause.

“Some sort of jazzercise thing?” Kelsie asks, disinterestedly.

“It actually looked pretty fun! The flyer said it’s a fusion of dances from around the world, and the instructor is also a local DJ. Starts next week Wednesday…I wanna check it out. Come with me!”

Kelsie is warmed by the idea of trying something new with Susan. Plus, if the music is good she could definitely become a regular.

“Alright, I’ll join you. If it’s fun this could be just the thing I need to shake off the winter blues.”

“I plan to do a whole lotta shakin’!” Susan slaps her hand down on the couch as the two erupt with laughter.

Adding a new activity, or picking up a favorite you’ve put down for winter, can be a great way to welcome spring. As the weather warms up and the daylight hours lengthen, we feel a natural call to the outdoors, which can reignite a spark for movement and exercise. In addition to a dance class like the one that attracted Kelsie, we have several, simple activities that we recommend for people to break their winter hibernation. These include yoga in the park, home or community gardening, birding, geocaching, and walking a weekly farmers market. If it’s difficult to leave home, having some plants or flowers within view are always a pick-me-up. We can discuss ways that will help with movement and exercise as well.

Researchers and healthcare professionals agree that regular exercise is not only good for maintaining a healthy body, but it is also great for our mental health. We are here for you if you would like more ideas on how to get or stay active.

If you or someone in your family are facing aging challenges, please give us a call at 850-894-6720 or email us at info@gcmsolutions.net. We’ll be happy to assist!