The coronavirus pandemic has been especially difficult for seniors unable to visit with their families due to facility lockdown restrictions. Loneliness and isolation take a toll, especially for those who have dementia and don’t understand what’s happening.

This was certainly the case with Emma, my 87-year old client in a nursing home. Emma’s daughter, Linda, lived an hour away but had been unable to see her mother for two months. I hadn’t been allowed to visit either during the lockdown, although I kept in touch by phone with Emma’s healthcare providers to monitor her health.

“I’m worried about how Mom is doing,” Linda said to me. “When I talk to her on the phone, she doesn’t say much. I don’t think she really understands why I haven’t been there to see her.”

Fortunately there was one way we could bridge the communication gap and that was through FaceTime. I arranged a FaceTime call with one of the nurses and Emma while she was in her room. Emma was delighted to see a familiar face.

“How did you get in that little box?” she joked with me. I was able to snap photos during the call, which I shared with Linda. It was the first time Linda had seen her mother since the lockdown.

FaceTime calls have provided comfort and have meant a lot to families. And while nursing homes and assisted living facilities have recently lifted visiting restrictions, not all families are able to see their loved ones in person. They may live at a distance or be unable to visit for other reasons.

To help families stay connected, I offer a new service called Seniors Transitions Live, so families can have a virtual visit with their loved ones via FaceTime or Zoom. The call is scheduled at a time when I am with the senior at their facility. I can also schedule Zoom or FaceTime calls with family members for updates on their love one’s health, progress, and other relevant matters.

In addition, I offer virtual consultations with new clients and people interested in learning more about how care managers can help them. The pandemic has underscored how important it is to have expert guidance and an advocate for your aging loved one.

Senior Transitions helps families with aging parents or grandparents to find the best life possible care options and help the aging family members live with independence. There are many care options and each individual is unique. We have been providing services in the Tallahassee area for over 30 years.

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