Mindfulness and Meditation for Seniors

Meditation is a simple practice that anyone can practice, at nearly any time. Some benefits include reduction of stress, an increased level of calmness and clarity, and an overall sense of happiness. Mindfulness and meditation can be great skills for anyone to develop but can especially be beneficial for seniors.

What Winter Can Teach Us About Hope

John Steinbeck had this to say about winter: “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” As we begin another winter that is filled with uncertainty about the pandemic and its variants, we’re sharing some of the wisdom of our clients about this time of year, and how we can still maintain hope and optimism in the most bitter of winters.

Laughter: A Medicine for the Body and Mind

The phrase, “laughter is the best medicine,” isn’t just being clever. Besides being a mood-booster, research shows that laughter has countless health benefits for all ages and is a large contributing factor for increased quality of life as we age. Learn how creating opportunities to laugh and have fun every day can impact your life.