When Sally called our office, I could hear sadness in her voice. She was a solo ager – someone who is aging without family available to help. Her husband had passed away a few years ago and she had continued to live in the same home. She was managing depression and feeling lonely. Her friend, June, told her about us and said that we could help make sure that she had the care that she needed. We were happy to meet with her and see that she realized she might need help at some point. Currently, she was going through some medical issues and felt very stressed, not knowing what her care options were and how she would be able to take care of herself if something happened.

We laid out a plan with Sally. We helped connect her with an attorney who helped her create all of her care directives and find someone who could be her medical and financial power of attorney. We reviewed her current situation and went to her specialist appointment with her. She said she was so relieved to not be alone when the physician recommended that she have her gallbladder removed. She knew that we could take her for the surgery and help her get home. We also reviewed her insurance benefits and found that she could have in-home help while she recovered. So, we arranged the help with a local in-home care agency so they would be ready when she came home. After the surgery she had to go to a rehab center for a couple of weeks as she was quite exhausted. While there, she recovered nicely and was able to go back to her home.

With the surgery, she realized that her home was just too big to manage, and she asked us what we thought about her selling it. Of course, it would totally be her decision, but we did tell her that if she decided to sell it, we knew of an organizing company who could help streamline her belongings so we could have a moving company come in and help her move. She knew that she wanted to live near her friend, June, so we toured the place together and she loved it! They only had two apartments available, and she chose the one that overlooked the pond. She loved watching the ducks on the pond and walking down to see the tadpoles in the spring and the big frogs in the summer.

We visited regularly and provided support as she encountered new care needs. It was special to be able to provide emotional reassurance and guidance as she often mentioned the stress of being alone.

She told us that she was able to rest easier knowing that she had made plans for herself should anything happen. Working with her provided peace of mind and comfort as she faced the realities of growing older without family around every day.

Sally felt more confident about her future after working with a care manager; it gave her hope that even though life was different than she expected it would be when younger, there were still ways for her to live comfortably now while preparing for whatever may come later down the road.

If you would like to experience this same type of comfort whether you are aging solo or with family, we would be happy to help you! Give us a call at 850-894-6720 or email us at info@gcmsolutions.net to find out more.