Caregiver Resources

Knowledge is the best defense against tough times. We believe in sharing resources and helping you feel comfortable with the situation that you are facing with your loved one. By helping you have the full information you need, it will relieve some of your stress and it will help you focus on the love and family care of your elder. Here are some resources we have gathered that narrow in on specific questions and concerns that you might be facing. – Helpguide has created numerous resources for you to read more and understand the issues that you face. We have found a few to be particularly useful for those who are aging:

Dementia Overview and Forms of Dementia

How to Care for Yourself While Caring for a Loved One with Dementia – Aging Pro is a site created to bring together the valuable information needed to care for a loved one. The caregiver articles and resources are packed full of good advice and guidance for what you are facing. Specific Caregiver Articles from AgingPro.

Caregiver Magazine – Caregiver Magazine is available as a printed magazine and the web site has a lot of care giving information.

Caregiving Strategies – These are general pieces of information to assist with your caregiving.

National Institute on Aging Caregiver Guide

Alzheimer’s Association Guide to Caring for Someone in Early Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Florida Health Finder – The State of Florida has updated their health care web site so that you can look up health related information.

Baby Boomer’s Handbook on Helping Parents Receive Care For Memory Problems – This is a guide to help determine dementia concerns and what actions to take based on the determinations.


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