Shreya’s 90-year-old mother, Bhavana, had Alzheimer’s and COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Shreya lived out of state, and she wasn’t able to visit her mother as often as she liked. She had hired me as her mother’s care manager when Bhavana was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and I had located home care services that made it possible for Bhavana to live safely at home. Over the past year and a half, I had been monitoring her care and accompanying her to her doctors’ appointments.

We knew things would likely change as Bhavana’s health conditions worsened. Eventually, the day came when a bout with pneumonia led to a lengthy and difficult hospitalization. Bhavana was too weak, frail, and confused to return home. I helped Shreya locate an assisted living facility with a memory care unit and after Bhavana was discharged from the hospital, we moved her to the new location.

“I guess that’s it then,” Shreya said, once her mother had settled in. “You’ve helped us so much! But since Mom is in a facility now, I don’t suppose we’ll still need your services.”

“Actually, if you want, I can continue to see your mother and make sure that she’s doing okay with the transition and is getting the right level of care,” I said. I had several clients who were in assisted living facilities. It’s a fact of life that most facility staff have busy schedules. They simply don’t have the time to give individual residents as much attention as families would like. A nationwide shortage of nursing assistants and high turnover rates has made consistent, adequate staffing a challenge in many types of facilities.

Shreya looked relieved. “That would make me feel a lot better. I can only see Mom on the weekends, and if you can keep an eye on things and visit her during the week, I would sleep better at night. After all, Mom can’t really speak for herself anymore. You’re her advocate!”

Even if your loved one is in a nursing home or assisted living facility, a care manager can still be your eyes and ears and keep tabs on how things are going. In Bhavana’s case, I continued to monitor her care, intervening with the staff when there were problems with her getting timely medical care for an infection, addressing other concerns that arose, and keeping her daughter in the loop.

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