A Day in the Life of a Care Manager

The work that we do for our clients is holistic and varied every day. Each client that we work with has a unique plan of care and so we are focused on the detailed care for each client. Find out more about what a typical day in the life of an Aging Life Care Manager is like.

“Mom’s in a Facility: Why Do I Still Need a Care Manager?”

We knew things would likely change as Bhavana’s health conditions worsened. Eventually, the day came when a bout with pneumonia led to a lengthy and difficult hospitalization. Bhavana was too weak, frail, and confused to return home. I helped Shreya locate an assisted living facility with a memory care unit and after Bhavana was discharged from the hospital, we moved her to the new location.

Home vs. Facility: Making the Best Decision

It’s common for families to struggle with making the decision to move an aging loved one to a facility. As a case manager who has helped hundreds of families over the years, I understand the uncertainty, grief, and even guilt that family members feel.

Loneliness and the Elderly

Loneliness is a particularly serious problem for seniors for many reasons. Losses such as the death of a spouse, partner, or close friends can be difficult to manage.

The Case Manager’s Role

Case managers can help to relieve the stress of caregiving and help families make caregiving decisions that are in the best interests of their family members.