How We Help

Our extensive experience in geriatric care management tells us that making the decision to get help is stressful. We relieve the stress of finding help by presenting you with options so you have resources instantly available to make an immediate difference. If you are facing any of the below situations or other concerns with your aging loved one, please call us at (850) 894-6720 to get the help you are searching for.

Did a recent event occur causing you to question your elderly loved one’s health status such as:

  • Illness, Fall, or Accident
  • Stroke or Change in Mental Status

Is your loved one exhibiting chronic symptoms such as:

  • Getting lost in familiar surroundings
  • Increased Confusion
  • Frequent falling
  • Not recognizing loved ones and other familiar faces
  • Change in sleep habits
  • Change in appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Repeating self
  • Agitation or increased anxiety
  • Forgetting how to carry out daily tasks

We have seen these situations arise for many families. You need immediate assistance to help your aging family member reach stability, then you can work on other concerns. We are ready to apply our experience to your situation right now so please call us at (850) 894-6720.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Can my loved one be left alone for extended periods of time?
  • Can they take care of their basic needs, such as bathing, dressing, feeding?
  • Are they able to remember to take medications as prescribed?
  • Will they let strangers into their home?
  • Will they know what to do in the event of a fire or another emergency situation?
  • If they fall are they able to get the help that they need?
  • Can they prepare their own meals?
  • Do they wander away from familiar surroundings?

If you need help, you are not alone. Senior Transitions works with many others, in the same situation, and we can help you figure out your options and help you with the care decisions that you need to make. Call us at (850) 894-6720.

If you have determined that there are concerns about your loved one’s situation and you are unsure where to start, use this list to begin the process of getting things in order.

1: First, consult with the primary care physician to report any changes in behavior.

2: Contact Senior Transitions Geriatric Care Managers at (850) 894-6720 to get assistance with planning a care process.

3: Determine if all necessary legal documents are in place such as: Durable Power of Attorney Health Care Surrogate Advance Directives

4: If legal documents are not in place, or you are unsure of their validity, consult an Elder Law Attorney to evaluate or develop necessary legal documents.

5: Start Asset Planning/Preservation or Medicaid Planning with an Elder Law Attorney.


We serve the Big Bend area of Florida, including Tallahassee, located in Leon County, along with Wakulla, Jefferson and Gadsden counties in a 50 mile radius.


Aging in Tallahassee

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