What Winter Can Teach Us About Hope

John Steinbeck had this to say about winter: “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” As we begin another winter that is filled with uncertainty about the pandemic and its variants, we’re sharing some of the wisdom of our clients about this time of year, and how we can still maintain hope and optimism in the most bitter of winters.

Myths about Aging: It’s Never Too Late

Many perceptions about aging are negative: old people can’t learn new things; they’re frail; they get senile; they’re a burden. These stereotypes are not only untrue, but they make us fear and dread aging. No matter your age, it isn’t too late to make choices that improve your emotional and physical health.

Keeping Seniors Safe and Healthy Through the Holidays

With COVID-19 cases still rising throughout the United States, many of the families I work with are concerned about how to keep their loved ones safe and healthy. On the other hand, many are reaching their limits with lockdowns and quarantines, especially with the holidays coming up. Senior Transitions helps seniors make the best of these trying circumstances and ease their isolation.

COVID-19 and Ongoing Caregiving Challenges

While Florida’s governor has started to ease restrictions, positive COVID-19 cases among residents or staff usually results in another lock-down. Families are frustrated and residents, especially those with dementia, are upset and don’t understand why their loved ones have ‘abandoned’ them. Here’s how a geriatric care manager can help.