Hi, I’m Deb Simmons. I own Senior Transitions and work as a geriatric care manager.

That’s me in the bottom left image supporting the #flattenthecurve campaign. The team at Senior Transitions is working with our clients, families, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes in Leon County to support elder care during this difficult time. We are finding the best methods to care for your loved ones during a time when communication is limited, seniors are suffering from isolation, loneliness, and depression, and the world feels a bit unpredictable. We’re not going to let that stop us! If you need help in the care of your aging parent or grandparent please reach out to us at (850) 894-6720.

What You Can Expect From Senior Transitions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the assisted living and nursing facilities that are allowing professional care managers to visit, Senior Transitions follows all CDC guidelines by properly wearing N95 masks, completing the COVID-19 questionnaire, having our temperature taken before entering, and, in some cases, we cover up with protective isolation gowns.

Even if we cannot enter a facility, we have the direct cell phone numbers of the nurse practitioners who provide daily care reviews in the local facilities so we are able to directly contact them to check on your loved one. We also can contact them if we know there is an issue with your loved one to have them check in.

We provide weekly updates to families about the care of their loved one. We also keep track of COVID-19 updates related to Leon County and the facilities we have patients in and distribute this information to families so that everyone is kept in the loop. If you would like to work with care managers who can provide a weekly update or even a daily update if your loved one is facing a critical situation, contact us at (850) 894-6720 or info@gcmsolutions.net to find out how we can work with your family.

How can Senior Transitions help you stay connected?

Introducing a new service designed to help families connect with a loved one they are unable to see physically, whether it’s because of visitation restrictions at an assisted living or rehabilitation facility or quarantines. Feelings of isolation and loneliness, leading to depression, are at an all-time high with the elderly because of this separation, and we knew we could help.

At the beginning of the stay at home restriction time, one of our clients who had recently moved to an assisted living facility, fell and fractured her hip. She had to go through surgery alone with no family, but we were in constant contact. We were able to facilitate the move to a skilled nursing facility, for her recovery time. Due to COVID-19 visitation restrictions she was isolated her from her son and daughter-in-law for several weeks. The moment Senior Transitions was allowed to visit her, we set up a FaceTime call to connect them, which brought peace to all involved. We can do the same for you via Senior Transitions Live. Schedule a connection today.

Click here to schedule today, or contact us below for more information:



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