The decision’s been made – your family member can’t safely live at home anymore and is now at an assisted living or long-term care facility. But are you still losing sleep at night worrying about your loved one? You have a lot of responsibilities and you can’t be there all the time. You just want to be sure that this is the right decision and the right place for your family member to be, but then you start second-guessing things. You wish there’s some way you could feel confident that your family member is getting the best care possible, especially when you can’t visit as often as you’d like.

With our experienced case managers involved, you can rest assured that your family member will have a team of experts looking out for your loved one and communicating with the key people at the facility.

 “I refer families to Deb and her team at Senior Transitions whenever we have a resident who’s having a difficult time, or when there are challenging family dynamics,” stated Yolanda, the director of sales and marketing at an assisted living facility. “Sometimes residents are resistant, or don’t want to see their doctors. Or it could be a behavioral issue, or even a problems with medication interactions. For example, we had a resident who was confused and not acting like himself. Deb checked his medication list and saw that the meds he was prescribed by different doctors could result in a bad interaction. She contacted his doctors to get his prescriptions changed, and the problem was solved.”

Managing possible medication interactions is just one of the many services we provide. We bring in our network of professionals to make sure your family gets everything they need. We do the research and the legwork, we pay attention to the details, and we help you set up a viable plan. For example, if your family member has Alzheimer’s disease and their behavior is inappropriate, we’ll put the right services in place so that your family member can live in the facility, and we’ll monitor that plan to make sure it’s working for everyone.

Sometimes you need someone you can trust, who will look out for your family member’s best interests and your best interests. And even if you’re a baby boomer who isn’t ready for assisted living just yet but you don’t have family members you can rely on, we can work with you to make a plan for the future.