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If you feel overwhelmed and stressed by the idea of having to make decisions for an aging loved one, Senior Transitions is your solution. Understanding what options you have and what is the best decision for your loved one can be overwhelming. Here are some resources we have gathered that will assist with the decisions that you are facing.

Concerned About Memory Loss
Concerned About Home Safety

According to the National Safety Council, “Falls among people aged 65 and older is now the leading cause of injury deaths,” said Bill O’Connell, executive director of Government Affairs for the National Safety Council. “Each year, one in three Americans 65 and older falls and nearly 16,000 die from complications from a fall.”

Having a care management professional review the home safety of your loved one to provide you with information regarding safety deficiencies will give you peace of mind and an action plan to create a safe home environment for your loved one.

The Professional Geriatric Care Managers at Senior Transitions are attuned to home safety and have helped hundreds figure out what is needed to make their home more safe and livable as they age. Call Senior Transitions , today, at (850) 894-6720, or e-mail us at to find out how we can help you put your mind at ease.

Looking to Keep Your Loved One at Home

After building a home with love, it is the desire of most people to remain at home as they age. With aging comes some restrictions on our abilities to maintain a home. Preventive steps can increase the time period that your loved one can live in their home. Here are some things to consider:

In Home Care – Having assistance come into the home is one option.

Adapting the Home – Making necessary changes to the home to make it safer and easier for the elderly. Adaptations can include alarm systems and fall detectors.

Day Care – Day activity options may be available.

Delivered Meals – This option may work to accommodate those who struggle with making meals.

An experienced, professional care manager knows the options available and can assess what options will help you with the care of your loved one.

Call Senior Transitions, today, at (850) 894-6720, or e-mail us at to find out what options will work for your loved one.

Is It Time for Your Loved One To Leave Home

Despite a strong desire to stay home and even with additional services, it might become necessary to consider Residential Placement. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine the level of risk associated with keeping your loved one at home vs. finding a good assisted living option.

  • Do they understand how to leave the home if necessary? Do they know where the door is located and how to exit the building?
  • Will they stay home or near the house rather than wander off?
  • If they go outside, do they know where they live and how to get back inside?
  • Can they identify signals, such as smoke from the kitchen or fire alarms, that would alert them to potential dangers?
  • Do they know how to access emergency services? Do they know how and when to dial 911? Would they be able to communicate over the phone? Can they physically get to a phone no matter where they are?
  • Do they have frequent life-threatening medical emergencies that require immediate intervention? Do they know where any medication they might need is located? Can they reach it? Do they have the capacity to select the right medicines in the correct amounts?
  • Do they have the judgment to identify who they should and should not let into the home? Will they know to allow family, friends and emergency personnel into the home?
  • Can they prepare themselves something to eat if they get hungry? Do they know how to use the stove, and will they remember to turn it off?
  • Can they get to the bathroom and use the toilet on their own? If not, have alternatives been worked out?
  • Are they afraid to be alone for an hour or more? Do they become concerned when caregivers depart and make frequent telephone calls if they are alone?

If any of these questions raise a red flag then finding a good living option may be the way to go. By working with a Professional Geriatric Care Manager you can determine if the situation is dangerous and you can decide on your options. Senior Transitions is able to review the assisted living options, found locally, with you to help you find the best fit for your loved one. Please call us at (850) 894-6720, or e-mail us at to let us work with you to find the best solution.

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