How Do Women Benefit from Working with a Care Manager?

Aging can be a challenging process, one that can leave even the most resilient of individuals struggling to keep up with the changes. As women age, it can be especially difficult as they may suffer from declining health, requiring additional support from healthcare professionals. This is where care management services can be of benefit as it offers invaluable assistance to aging women and their families. How can an Aging Life Care Manager/Geriatric Care Manager help an aging woman as her health declines, and she transitions to hospice care and even death.

A Day in the Life of a Care Manager

The work that we do for our clients is holistic and varied every day. Each client that we work with has a unique plan of care and so we are focused on the detailed care for each client. Find out more about what a typical day in the life of an Aging Life Care Manager is like.

Laughter: A Medicine for the Body and Mind

The phrase, “laughter is the best medicine,” isn’t just being clever. Besides being a mood-booster, research shows that laughter has countless health benefits for all ages and is a large contributing factor for increased quality of life as we age. Learn how creating opportunities to laugh and have fun every day can impact your life.

Know When It’s Time to Move Your Loved One into Memory Care

Ellen was struggling with the decision to move her mother, Jill, from her apartment in an assisted living facility to a memory care unit. As a case manager who’s helped hundreds of families through the years, I understood Ellen’s mixed emotions and the guilt she was feeling about moving her mother. We worked together to find a solution that ensured both her mother’s safety and quality of life.

“Mom’s in a Facility: Why Do I Still Need a Care Manager?”

We knew things would likely change as Bhavana’s health conditions worsened. Eventually, the day came when a bout with pneumonia led to a lengthy and difficult hospitalization. Bhavana was too weak, frail, and confused to return home. I helped Shreya locate an assisted living facility with a memory care unit and after Bhavana was discharged from the hospital, we moved her to the new location.