Help Your Aging Parent Avoid Being Scammed

The recent Equifax data breach is an unhappy and all-too-frequent reminder that no matter how carefully we protect our confidential information, sensitive data is stolen from businesses and individuals every year. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, and scams targeting seniors are rampant. So how can you help your aging parent avoid being the victim of a scam?

Having the Conversation: When You’re Worried Your Parent Shouldn’t Drive

You’re traveling with Dad on the highway, and he’s driving at 45 miles per hour in the middle lane, oblivious to the traffic speeding around him, the stink eye, and rude hand gestures you’re getting from other drivers trying to pass. Or perhaps you’ve noticed dents and scrapes on your elderly mother’s car, but she doesn’t recall how they got there. The last thing you want is your parent having a car accident, getting hurt, killed, or hurting someone else. However, taking away the car keys is often tantamount to taking away a person’s independence. How do you know when your parent really shouldn’t drive anymore and just as importantly, how can you convince him/her to give up the keys?