Long Distance Caregiving: Can Technology Bring Peace of Mind?

There are a wide range of technological devices, which can help people stay safe at home. Wireless sensors can detect falls. Medical alarms, such as Life Alert®, can summon emergency assistance. Talking clocks can remind seniors to take their meds, and a variety of smartphone apps can offer caregiving advice, and help caregivers keep track medical appointments.

Part Three: A Daughter’s Perspective: Caring for My Mother – Taking Care of Yourself

What I’ve learned, and teach other families, is that it is not selfish to prioritize your own self-care. It is anything but. Caregiving has its joys and emotional rewards, but it also has stresses that can take a serious toll on a caregiver’s mental and physical health. It’s normal at times to feel isolated, angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed. But when there is no relief from pressures and responsibilities, caregivers may suffer from depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and even develop physical illnesses. Staying healthy and resilient benefits all concerned.