We serve the Big Bend area, including Tallahassee/Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson and Gadsden counties in a 50 mile radius.

Do you need the help of a professional geriatric care manager?

Answer these questions to create a clear picture of your situation. If you feel overwhelmed and stressed, don’t wait. Accessing the right resources, at the right time, is key to helping maintain the quality of life for your senior and you.

If you are struggling with the options available to help care for your elderly loved one then Senior Transitions is available to help you. Please call us at (850) 894-6720.

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Do I feel capable of caring for my loved one myself?
Do I feel overwhelmed dealing with caring for my loved one?
Does my loved one often accuse me of stealing their stuff?
Do I have the time to care for my loved one the way they need caring for?
Am I taking off work too much due to my loved one needing constant oversight
Do I feel pulled between caring for my loved one and my own responsibilities?
Do I need someone to help me with the day to day routine caring for my loved one?